I’m David, in my thirties, software engineer living in France. If you need to contact me, write an email to dav dot m 85 at gmail dot guesswhat.


Mostly coding stuff.


I believe the greatest content of internet is not to be found on all those publishing platforms (with some exceptions, hackaday), but on personal blogs.

I’ve found in many occasions bits of pure treasure written on shady obscure pages, carefuly maintained by real passionates. I fancy this website as a tribute.

My thanks go to these writers that inspired me:

I’ve also discovered quite recently the value of reading notes when groking books. Radhi wrote that bookmarks does not work as reading trackers. Reading notes are far more efficient, so are blog posts.

Of course, opinions and views are my own.


Hugo, Etch theme

Plausible analytics, in case one post become very popular.

Translations are provided by simpleen because I’m lazy and AI is often better than me.

So yes, I offer French and English translation of my articles because I don’t like the auto-translation feature of your browser: